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Fred Nold, taking artistic liberties

Artist Spotlight
By Kathy O’Flinn

“Wiggins Pass,” 41”x34” oil 
Fred Nold “Wiggins Pass,” 41”x34” oil Fred Nold When one looks at Fred Nold’s paintings the scenes look real. “But they’re not,” he said. “I try to get the essence of what the painting is.”

He calls his approach interpretive realism. With his short brush strokes in bold colors, his highly stylized Florida paintings are interpretations of the Everglades with cypress trees and tropical flowers, cottages in downtown Naples, cafes in South Beach, and Corkscrew – his favorite spot, he explains without hesitation.

The dynamism makes it art, he explained. “If it doesn’t have a dynamic, it isn’t art,” he said. And that dynamism is what causes the viewer to stop. At a recent show at East West Gallery in Naples, visitors had a chance to see some of his latest work.

Nold is not new to the Naples art scene. For several years he owned and operated the Nold Gallery in the Naples Art District on J & C Boulevard. This New York native’s work has been featured over the past 50 plus years in galleries and museums from New England to Miami.

Fred Nold in his home studio. 
Staff | staff@swspotlight.com Fred Nold in his home studio. Staff | staff@swspotlight.com A graduate of Parsons School of Design and New York University with a bachelor’s degree in fine art, he worked briefly in advertising, forsaking it to teach and oversee the fine arts department of the Yonkers, N. Y., school district so he could find more time to paint.

He sees a blank canvas as a wonderful challenge, having found success with hard-edged kinetic painting and abstracts. His work reflects where he’s been. Explaining the difference in the light, he said his Hudson River paintings are a little darker. They deliver a message. “I challenged the Hudson River. Look at what you’ve done to it. Look at all these rotten factories,’” he said describing the industries along the riverside that were responsible for pollutants and PCBs.

“As a young person I made statements. Young people are angrier.” Today, however, he is looking to capture a peacefulness and tranquility in his paintings. With his art he wants to take the viewer on a trip. “The color sometimes can take the trip for you.” As to the form, he said, “I’ve taken artistic liberties.”

During the summer and autumn in New Hampshire, where he and his wife Dee Dee get to enjoy their grandchildren, he paints New England. His paintings are not an attempt to duplicate nature nor are they your typical autumn. “You can’t duplicate what God’s created,” he said.

To see more of his work, visit frednold.com or contact him at nolddeedee@aol.com.

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