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Maggie most often is along for the ride

Our Best Friends

Martin Wallerstein and his wife, Grace, searched for a whoodle, a soft coated Wheaten terrier and poodle mix, for quite a while. Designer dogs that include a poodle in the breed are gaining in popularity although they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club due to potential inconsistent traits.

It took four years after the death of their previous dog before the Wallersteins agreed to have a dog again. Since they had Wheaten terrier experience, they considered the whoodle. Its tendency for less shedding pleased Grace. A drive to Sarasota and comparison with a goldendoodle puppy sealed the deal.

“Maggie simply endeared herself to me when we first saw her in Sarasota,” said Wallerstein.

“She lay in my arms calmly and it was love at first sight.” Wallerstein also believes she’s quite smart – housebroken at 9 weeks old. She makes it clear by her actions that she needs to go outside.

Whoodles like Maggie have soft hair and shed little. 
Contributed Whoodles like Maggie have soft hair and shed little. Contributed “Our Maggie is a year old and loves everyone,” said Wallerstein. “She’s a crack-up and just the happiest dog.” They live on a mile-long circle where the residents have many grandchildren that they take walking. “The little ones giggle and have a great time when Maggie greets them,” he said.

Maggie is 19 pounds and full grown. She may fill out a little yet, but Wallerstein says she is a finicky eater so weight likely will never be a problem. He and his wife love her soft hair even though Wallerstein lovingly jokes that she looks like a cross between a dog and an orangutan.

The family provided what little training Maggie needed for the typical sit, stay, come, heel and similar commands and she’s well-behaved on a leash. Tricks were not a goal. She dines out well and is a great traveler.

Every year the Wallersteins go to Hilton Head in South Carolina where they enjoy golfing. No dogs are allowed in carts or on the courses – with the exception of their previous dog and the privilege has been passed down to Maggie.

She has had one little mishap, choosing to intercept a ball on a practice green. Fortunately, the golfer thought it was funny.

Maggie particularly likes lunch at a restaurant on the way to Hilton Head. The family sits on the covered porch with a great view enjoying a dozen oysters while Maggie also enjoys her own basket of hush puppies.

Dog parks and dog beaches are not on Maggie’s agenda. She likes to ride in a cart behind her owners’ bicycles.

A special car configured for their previous dog’s riding comfort provides Maggie with her own place to ride anywhere with the special license plate reading, “4 Dadog.”

If you have a dog that you think is particularly wonderful, contact us at info@swspotlight.com and he or she could be the next dog featured in this column.

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