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Our Best FRIENDS: Huskies are woman’s friends and running partners


Brody and Ava need activity, so they go where their owner goes. Brody and Ava need activity, so they go where their owner goes. Bonita Springs Dog Beach and dog park are favorite places for Ava and Brody, Siberian huskies whose bright blue eyes and white coats attract attention.

“Before Ava, my last dog was a shih tzu. I never thought I wanted a big dog until I held the 3-month-old Siberian husky … and knew I was taking her home,” said owner Amanda Pachtman. At 3 years old, Ava is considered a medium-size dog at 48 pounds with black and white coloring to set off her piercing blue eyes.

“Siberians are like eating peanuts,” said Pachtman. “You can’t just have one.” Brody, Ava’s best friend and Pachtman’s second Siberian husky, was given up by a previous owner. Brody is 2 with brown and white coloring and the same piercing blue eyes. A friend Pachtman met at the dog beach has three of this breed and is associated with a Siberian husky rescue. The friends travel together to dog-friendly destinations.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Siberian husky was bred in northeast Asia as a sled dog. Known for its endurance and willingness to work, it is also agreeable and outgoing and is suitable for anything from sledding to therapy work. Originating in cold climates, Siberians have thicker coats than most other dogs. The Siberian coat is made up of a dense cashmere-like undercoat and a longer, coarse top coat. These dogs commonly are black to pure white with a variety of markings on their heads.

“Ava and Brody are working dogs that need exercise and activity,” said Pachtman. “They changed my mom’s and my lives. Now, we go where they go – dog beaches, dog resorts, hiking trails, nice outside restaurants, and scenic places with a great view as examples.”

“The dogs are beautiful,” said Pachtman, “but that’s a bonus.” She said their temperament is loving, goofy and friendly and they couldn’t protect anyone or anything. They are not guard dogs. They like everyone including dogs and children. She added that Ava is an “evil genius” who will figure her way out of any place. However, the intelligence is a positive. On the other hand, the huskies can also be quite destructive if they are not kept busy with activity or paid sufficient attention.

Pachtman runs every morning with her two companions. “They are my friends,” she said. “There’s no other breed for me – I am husky obsessed.”

Surprisingly, the thick-coated dogs require only normal brushing except for twice a year when they lose their coats and require special brushing. Pachtman brushes her dogs daily. Even though Ava and Brody are like brother and sister, “Ava is my big alpha female,” said Pachtman. “She’s a spoiled princess.”

Our Best Friends

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