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November has been an exciting month at the Spotlight News Magazines. Our first editions featuring our new look were published earlier this month. More...

Posted 11/15/2017 09:49 AM

Send up a cheer as our new high school is started

City Update

On March 14 I attended the long anticipated groundbreaking celebration of the Bonita Springs High School. Among other things we learned that our mascot name would be the Bull Sharks and our team colors would be blue and green. More...

Posted 3/29/2017 01:42 PM

We’re busy beautifying and branding Bonita Springs

City Update

With season in full force, I am pleased to welcome visitors from around the world to our piece of paradise. More...

Posted 3/1/2017 01:00 PM

Giving the public a fair shake

City Council Update

During the past few decades, much of Bonita Springs has morphed from farm fields and pine forests into gated communities, commercial corridors, and high-rise and single family homes. More...

Posted 1/25/2017 10:46 PM

Uncommon Core— Common Sense

Letter to the Editor

The Lee County School District (LCSD) wants to be held accountable for graduating student s ready for career and college. More...

Posted 10/26/2016 10:58 AM

Great start on reducing clogged traffic

Letter to the Editor

At the late April Bonita Springs City Council meeting, the Council approved a planning study to expedite improvements at the US 41/ Bonita Beach Road intersection, which I personally applaud. More...

Posted 4/27/2016 06:35 AM

Frequent traveler to Cuba experiences its evolution

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: I very much appreciated and enjoyed your articles on your trip to Cuba. I have been traveling to Havana regularly for 15 years. As a Canadian I have not been encumbered by the restrictions of the embargo. More...

Posted 4/12/2016 05:16 PM

More talkin’ about the car wash

I’m Max Levine. I work for the folks trying to build a car wash on our property on U.S. 41 in Bonita Springs.  We thank the Spotlight for letting us respond to its January 16th editorial opposing our project.  More...

Posted 2/24/2016 08:37 AM

Car wash not compatible with land use plans


Car wash.“Talkin’ about the car wash” Like most places, Bonita Springs long ago adopted zoning standards designed to improve the quality of life. More...

Posted 1/12/2016 08:14 PM

Bonita Beach Road high school site would be dangerous

The residents of Hunters Ridge agree that a high school should be located in Bonita Springs – and every effort should be made to ensure that happens.  More...

Posted 12/15/2015 05:48 PM

Persistence is key to Bonita high school search


Bonita Springs has long been missing a high school, an essential facility in a city of 45,000. As a result, thousands of Bonita children travel long distances every day, to Estero, to South Fort Myers and points beyond. More...

Posted 11/11/2015 03:28 PM

Lonkart, McIntosh and Steinmeyer running for mayor of Bonita Springs

Bill Lonkart More...

Posted 8/26/2015 09:35 AM

Other candidate races

District Candidates Richard Ferreira (district 1), Fred Forbes (district 6) and Peter O’Flinn, Sr. (district 4) previously announced and their statements can be found at More...

Posted 8/26/2015 09:35 AM

Ferreira to Seek District 1 Seat

Meet The Candidate

I am announcing my intention to be a candidate for election to the office of City Councilman, City of Bonita Springs, District 1. More...

Posted 4/15/2015 12:03 PM

Wonder Gardens An Important Anchor For Downtown

Letter to the Editor

I just wanted to thank the City of Bonita Springs for supporting a loan to the Everglades Wonder Gardens.  More...

Posted 4/15/2015 12:03 PM

“Mr. Brady, the Community Thanks You.”

At a late February city council meeting, John Brady, the current director of the Everglades Wonder Gardens, discussed a proposed plan to preserve the almost eightyyear old attraction on Old 41. More...

Posted 2/25/2015 11:34 AM

Planning for Estero Future

The Estero Community Planning Panel is to be commended for inviting two of the developers interested in helping fulfill Estero’s ‘Village Center’ vision to present their tentative plans to the panel and the interested public Monday More...

Posted 2/25/2015 11:34 AM

Good Stewardship of Bonita Springs Growth

Some have suggested that the City of Bonita Springs sponsor a cityinitiated effort to change the zoning in its far northeast corner, in what is called the “DR/GR.” Now, more than ever, that’s not a prudent use of city resources and taxpayer funds. More...

Posted 1/14/2015 05:41 PM

How Your Neighbors Voted In South Lee and North Naples

Bonita Springs — Let’s say you are enjoying a meal at one of our local restaurants. Take a quick look to your left, then to your right. Odds are about half the people you see voted for medical marijuana, about half not. More...

Posted 11/13/2014 03:02 AM


Estero’s Compelling Choice

The Estero incorporation proposal is expected to receive a landslide of voter approval at the ballot box this November. More...

Posted 10/1/2014 01:14 PM

Seeing Through the Smoke Screen

Constitutional Amendment 2 will confront us when we step into our Florida ballot boxes this fall. It proposes legalization of “medical marijuana”. More...

Posted 10/1/2014 01:14 PM

Why Florida Voters Should Vote “YES” On Amendment #1

On November 4th Florida registered voters will have an opportunity to support one of the most important environmental initiatives in the past 30 years. More...

Posted 8/27/2014 06:18 PM

Please Remember Our Needy Neighbors

For over three decades the non-profit Bonita Springs Assistance Office has been providing a “hand-up, not a hand out” to our neighbors in time of temporary need. More...

Posted 6/25/2014 11:43 AM

City Council Update: Outreach Committee to hold its inaugural meeting

The City of Bonita Springs will hold its first meeting of the newly created Outreach Advi­sory Committee on Wednesday, September 13 at 6 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers. More...

Posted 8/29/2017 04:26 PM

City Council Update: No whiplash at Bonita City Hall

A little more than a year ago, when we formed the new City Council, my colleagues and I brought with us new priorities and policies, redoubling our efforts to have Bonita Springs reach its full potential as one of America’s great small cities. More...

Posted 7/26/2017 11:44 AM

Water quality, Obamacare repeal are top priorities


There are dozens of important issues being addressed in Congress right now. Our important water quality challenges are my top priority, while nationally, repeal and replacement of Obamacare is the dominant focus throughout Congress. More...

Posted 3/29/2017 01:42 PM

A Thousand Points of Light on Bonita’s city budget

City Update

About three decades ago, the first President Bush famously coined the phrase, “A thousand points of light,” to describe the importance of community organizations to the fabric of our society.  It’s hard to imagine a place where More...

Posted 11/29/2016 07:01 PM

Rooney for Congress

Letters to the Editor

We enthusiastically support and endorse Francis Rooney, our area’s “outsider” candidate, as our next U.S. Congressman because we believe he is honest, conservative and has a strong sense of core family values. More...

Posted 7/27/2016 06:58 AM

Patricca for school board

We have enthusiastically endorsed the candidacy of Chris Patricca for Lee County School Board. We have talked with her about a plethora of School Board issues, which include the following:  More...

Posted 7/27/2016 06:58 AM

Restore Cuba’s Constitution

Letter to the Editor

I have been reading several press releases about the recent opening of relations with Cuba and its rose-colored interpretations of what is to come. More...

Posted 4/27/2016 06:35 AM

Support for Peter Simmons

Letter to Editor

Dear Editor:  We enthusiastically endorse Peter Simmons for mayor of Bonita Springs.  More...

Posted 2/24/2016 08:55 AM

Peter Simmons for Bonita Springs Mayor


In the race for Bonita Springs mayor, we strongly endorse Peter Simmons. Mr. Simmons is a solution oriented, energetic optimist and thoughtful guardian of the taxpayer dollar. More...

Posted 2/24/2016 08:55 AM

Pelican Landing is Heard


Let’s face it. In Bonita Springs, especially during season, there’s a lot more interest in the latest restaurant offering than events down at City Hall.  More...

Posted 2/9/2016 06:38 PM

ECCL continues to defend DRGR


Editor’s Note: The Estero Council of Community Leaders recently filed a lawsuit challenging a Lee County decision to allow significantly increased housing density in a DRGR development. More...

Posted 1/12/2016 08:14 PM

Conservation land is not a viable option for new Bonita high school

Pine Lake Preserve, a Conservation 20/20 property in the Bonita Springs Density Reduction Groundwater Resource (Bonita DRGR) area has recently been proposed as a potential site for the new Bonita Springs High School. More...

Posted 12/15/2015 05:48 PM

A dollars and sense argument for a walkable economy


Last Thursday over 400 citizens, elected officials, developers, lenders, planners and realtors gathered in Fort Myers for the “Making Dollars and Sense of Walkable Urban Communities Symposium.” They heard from three world-class speakers a More...

Posted 10/28/2015 04:33 PM

DeWitt and Purdon seek District 2 council seat

Greg DeWitt More...

Posted 8/26/2015 09:35 AM

Peter O’Flinn, Sr. Announces City Council Run

Meet The Candidate

Peter O'Flinn, Sr.  More...

Posted 4/15/2015 12:03 PM

Estero Village’s Bounty of Participation


After nearly a month of trudging through the mundane, on April 10 the Estero Village council arrived at the sublime.  More...

Posted 4/15/2015 12:03 PM

Consider The Michigan Left Turn

The traffic technique known to many as the “Michigan Left” is thought to have been developed by the chief engineer at General Motors who designed the US freeway system under President Eisenhower. More...

Posted 4/15/2015 12:03 PM

Fred Forbes Announces Run for District 6 Council Seat

I am excited to announce my intention to run for Bonita Springs City Council, District 6, where Bill Lonkart, the incumbent, is term limited. More...

Posted 4/1/2015 11:16 AM

It’s Your Turn on March 3

It’s hardly exaggeration to say that March 3 is one of the most important days in Estero history. Voters in the area, now incorporated as Florida’s newest village, will go to the polls to pick their first village council.  More...

Posted 2/25/2015 11:34 AM

We need a Bonita High School…but Where?

Considering all the issues that really ought to be front and center at City Hall, the latest push by a handful in government for large scale building on environmentally sensitive land out east – the now famous DR/GR – has consumed a disproportionate More...

Posted 1/28/2015 01:29 PM

The Really Big Project in Estero

In the near future the doors will open on an architecturally prominent building near Coconut Mall. It promises to burnish the reputation of our area, and bring many good paying jobs. More...

Posted 12/17/2014 01:34 PM

McCourt And Murphy Score Bonita Fire Victories

Bonita Springs — Two longtime Bonita Springs Fire Commissioners, Ed FitzGerald and Evans Conforti, were defeated in their bids for reelection. More...

Posted 11/13/2014 03:02 AM

Bonita Needs a New Sign Code

Bonita Springs’ Community Development office and the city’s volunteer Local Planning Agency have delivered a yeoman effort in an ongoing attempt to update the city’s law on new commercial signage. More...

Posted 10/29/2014 12:11 PM

Sand Trucks to Take Right Turn

In a time when standard operating procedure calls for politicians to get dug in on positions, it’s encouraging to see a government bureaucracy mend its ways. More...

Posted 10/1/2014 01:14 PM


Imagine Bonita Beach Road as a beautiful and distinctive gateway to the beach, a signature street defining Bonita Springs. Imagine tree-shaded pathways welcoming bikes and pedestrians, not just a funnel for cars. More...

Posted 8/27/2014 06:18 PM

Fund BSU Water Expansion with Impact Fees

Bonita Springs Utilities (BSU) is planning to expand its Reverse Osmosis (RO) water plant by 2020 at a cost of $30 million.  More...

Posted 7/30/2014 12:45 PM

FitzGerald: Let’s save money by relocating firehouses, not adding more

Bonita Springs Fire Commissioners recently disclosed that we will have eight or nine fire stations in our City in the not too distant future. More...

Posted 6/25/2014 11:42 AM